Who is Julia Carey? Every truth about James Corden’s wife

Julia Carey

Julia Carey

Julia Carey is a former television producer who began her career as an actress, starring in TV shows such as Wings, A Bunch of Fives, and Enemy at the Door. She is best recognized as the longtime partner of James Corden, an English comedian, writer and television personality. Her husband is best known as the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden , a late-night talk show that has aired on CBS since 2015.

Corden’s wife, Carey, is also known in Il Fondo Moda (2014), and Extra with Billy Bush (1994). Julia, mother of three with Corden, also worked for Save the Children in London, which is how she met her now-husband at an event hosted by the charity in 2009.

Additionally, Carey has worked in television both behind the camera and on screen. Although her husband James is a familiar face in the world of entertainment, not much is known about her. So find out who exactly Julia Carey is, her history before being Corden’s wife, her nationality and more.

Julia Carey birth details, parents and relatives

Julia Carey, now 43, was born in 1979/1980. Something that is still a mystery is Ms. Corden’s origin story; where she was born or who her parents are.

Julia Carey

As such the Gavin and Stacey actor has yet to share even the smallest of his wife’s personal details. However, it is assumed that Carey is of British origin although her actual nationality is something purely opinionated. And unlike unpopular opinions of her, she is not related to the mask actor Jim Carrey.

Julia Carey’s meeting with her future husband James Corden

That said, Julia and Corden first met in 2009 at a charity function. Carey, who is as tall as her husband at around five feet eight inches, was then working for Save The Children.

It was Corden’s friend and Preacher actor, Dominic Cooper, who had invited James to a charity event and a subsequent night out. Cooper and Corden were also roommates at the time.

Once they reach the event, Dominic introduces James to Julia. Corden then wasted no time telling his future wife how he felt.

“I said, ‘Hi, Jules. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world”

remembered the London presenter. To this, Julia responded,

‘Fine thanks a lot. That sounds like something you say a lot.’

Corden then responded,

‘I’ve never said that before in my life.’

An hour and a half later, James and Julia were in a corner ‘jokingly’ planning the rest of their lives together. They in particular found each other interesting because of their love of quiet, uneventful nights .

Julia and James decided early on that they wouldn’t date

As with James, the night he and Julia met, they talked about how they were both bored of going out all the time and that they went out too much. Recalling the time with US magazine in September 2021, Corden said:

‘The night we met, we talked about how we were both bored of going out all the time.’

They were also finding the way they were drinking too much and having too much fun boring. Corden said they bonded by staying inside instead of going out .

‘Jules and I have never gone on dates’,

The One man, two Guvnor said the actor. Corden and Carey some time later, in the middle of their first conversation, jokingly continued to plan the rest of their lives together.

“I was like, ‘How many kids are we going to have? Will we have a dog?’ Just kidding,” she recalled.

At the end of the evening, they had a kind of ‘kiss in the back of a taxi’. Afterwards, Corden asked Carey what she was doing on Saturday night. At the same time, she suggested staying at home and doing nothing for the whole week.

They eventually started dating shortly after that first meeting. The Tony Award winner asked Carey to marry him on Christmas Day in December 2010 while she enjoyed a romantic vacation in the Maldives. Two years later they married in September 2012.

The wedding of Julia Carey and her husband James Corden

The British couple, Carey and Corden got married in September 2012 in Somerset, England. Their attendees included Corden’s former co-stars Mathew Horne, Ruth Jones, his History Boys co-star Dominic Cooper and Doctor Who’s Matt Smith.

Also on the guest list were singer Natalie Imbruglia and comedians Jimmy Carr, David Walliams and Michael McIntyre. Apparently Julia and James had planned to get married a little earlier, but could not do so due to the former’s pregnancy with their first child Max.

At the time of their marriage, the couple’s son, Max was 18 months old. They welcomed their first child, Max, in March 2011.

Additionally, Carey and her host husband, Corden, are also parents to two girls, Carey and Carlotta . They welcomed Carey in October 2014 and their second daughter, Charlotte, in December 2017.

For now, the family of five lives in Los Angeles, where James continues to host The Late, Late Show.

Professional career of Julia Carey

Corden’s blonde wife previously worked as an actress before building a career working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, The Sun reports.

She has reportedly made background appearances on some major shows, including Entertainment Tonight , Extra with Billy Bush , and Amazon’s Fashion Fund .

Julia also appeared in the 1990s sitcom Wings , and similar ones A Deck of Five , and Enemy at the Door . But some sources suggest she was never on the show, Ali .

Carey, in any case, has never been associated with any film project. In the meantime, and as mentioned, you also took care of the non-profit organization Salva i bambini .

What does Carey do now?

Evidently, Julia is quite private about her life; she doesn’t have a public Instagram or that big of a presence on any other social media. Corden’s partner is clearly a low profile person and apparently doesn’t even bother to sit down for Q&A or one-on-one chats. As a result, it’s not quite clear what Carey does these days.

Julia Carey helped her husband with his weight problem

Carey also allegedly helped her host husband lose weight.

‘I’m doing some exercise’

Corden admitted as much in a March interview with Oprah for WW while crediting his wife, Julia Carey. She helped make exercise a regular part of his routine, despite Corden admitting he “hated it” in the past.

Additionally, Julia apparently urged her husband James Corden to get a vasectomy in February 2018.

How rich is Julia Carey’s spouse, James Corden; What is his net worth?

Julia’s husband, James Corden, is comfortably rich. In fact, he is one of the richest show hosts not only in the UK but also in the United States. And for the last 6 years or so, he’s been getting lucrative pay raises from A-list studios.

Corden’s salary until the year 2020 was reportedly between $4 million and $5 million per year. By the way, in 2019, the boss of the CBS channel announced that the then 40-year-old presenter had reached a new deal worth 5 million pounds a year. Similarly, in January 2021, he received an offer for double the amount of his then existing £7 million salary.

This was supposedly an attempt to prevent him from leaving the United States. His current contract runs until 2023 and that means more millions are coming into his pockets.

Corden has a $9 million lower salary for hosting The Late Late Show with James Corden, compared to other late night hosts. However, he has one of the highest overall fortunes with his net worth supposedly ahead of $70 million.

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