Tacha’s Biography, Age, Full Name, Date Of Birth, and BBNaija

Tacha BBNaija Biography

Tacha BBNaija Biography
Tacha BBNaija Biography

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Tacha BBNaija Biography

Tacha, whose full name is Anita Natacha Akide, is a Nigerian media personality, social media influencer, and reality TV star best known for her appearance on the reality show Big Brother Naija (BBNaija). Born on December 23, 1995, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Tacha rose to fame for her bold personality and captivating presence on the show. Her journey on BBNaija Season 4 garnered significant attention, both positive and negative, making her one of the most talked-about contestants in the history of the franchise.

Early Life and Education

Tacha spent her formative years in Port Harcourt, where she attended her primary and secondary education. While details about her early life remain relatively private, Tacha’s upbringing in Port Harcourt provided a foundation for her outgoing personality and charismatic presence.

Rise to Fame

Tacha gained prominence through her active presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she amassed a large following before her stint on BBNaija. Her bold fashion choices, confident demeanor, and unfiltered commentary on various issues endeared her to a significant audience, establishing her as a social media sensation.

Big Brother Naija Journey

In 2019, Tacha entered the BBNaija house as one of the contestants in the show’s fourth season, themed “Pepper Dem.” Her entrance into the house immediately sparked conversations due to her outspoken nature and striking appearance. Throughout her time on the show, Tacha remained a polarizing figure, attracting both fervent supporters and vocal critics.

Despite her popularity among a segment of the audience, Tacha’s journey on BBNaija was marked by controversies and confrontations with fellow housemates, leading to her eventual disqualification from the show. Nevertheless, her time on BBNaija catapulted her to even greater fame, solidifying her status as one of Nigeria’s most recognizable personalities.

Post-BBNaija Career

Following her exit from the BBNaija house, Tacha continued to leverage her fame and popularity to pursue various endeavors. She embarked on a successful career as an influencer, collaborating with brands and businesses across different industries. Additionally, Tacha ventured into entrepreneurship, launching her own clothing line and other business ventures.

Tacha’s post-BBNaija career also saw her engage in philanthropic activities and social initiatives aimed at empowering youth and advocating for causes close to her heart. Through her platform, she has addressed issues such as mental health awareness, women empowerment, and social justice.

Controversies and Criticisms

While Tacha’s rise to fame brought her widespread acclaim, it also subjected her to scrutiny and criticism. Throughout her career, she has faced allegations of arrogance, unprofessionalism, and controversies stemming from her interactions on social media. However, Tacha has remained resilient in the face of adversity, using her experiences as lessons for personal growth and development.

Personal Life

Tacha maintains a relatively private personal life, with limited information available about her family background and relationships. Despite the public scrutiny she faces, she strives to maintain authenticity and transparency in her interactions with fans and followers.


Tacha, born Anita Natacha Akide, is a Nigerian media personality, social media influencer, and former reality TV star best known for her appearance on Big Brother Naija. Her journey on the show catapulted her to fame, making her one of Nigeria’s most recognizable personalities. Despite facing controversies and criticisms, Tacha continues to thrive in her career, leveraging her platform for social impact and personal growth.


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