International Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Manitoba for International Students in Canada

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University of Manitoba Scholarships

Applications are open for the University of Manitoba Scholarships for international students with good academic standing, registered in the fall and winter terms and who have demonstrated financial need .

  • Type:  Scholarship
  • Renewable:  No
  • Value:  $240,000 available annually (distributed among eligible candidates )
  • Date : March 1, 2024

University of Manitoba Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria University of Manitoba Scholarships for Foreigners in Canada 2023

  1. All students must take courses in the fall and winter terms to be eligible.
  2. In most cases, student must enroll and take at least 60 percent of a full course load per term (i.e., a minimum of 9 credit hours per term). Graduate students are not required to meet minimum credit hours provided they are enrolled as full-time students during the fall and winter terms with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  3. Students must meet minimum GPA requirements. Continuing students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. New (secondary) students must have an average of 70% or higher in grade 12. Students admitted with mature student status may also be eligible for a scholarship .
  4. Financial need must be clearly documented on the application. Students who have applied for government student loans from other provinces must provide a copy of a current official government loan assessment to support their declaration of financial need. Please note that Manitoba Student Aid recipients do not need to submit a copy of their Notice of Assessment.
  5. International students in their first year of post-secondary studies in Canada are not eligible for the general scholarship program .

How to Apply for University of Manitoba Scholarships for Foreigners in Canada 2023

Prepare to begin your application for undergraduate study by ensuring you meet the admissions requirements and gathering everything you need to apply. Once you have submitted your application, you can check the status of your application and accept your offer.

STEP 1 – Review the requirements and prepare your application

  • The application process will go more smoothly if you have reviewed all the requirements and gathered all of your documents before you begin. First, read the content on this page to familiarize yourself with the process.
  • Admission requirements are the minimum qualifications, experiences and skills you need to be considered for admission to a program. Each program has its own set of requirements, and they may differ depending on whether or not you have previously attended college .

Gather what you need to complete your application

Undergraduate applications are completed online. Step-by-step instructions are included in the app. Before you begin, it may be helpful to make sure you are prepared to provide the following:

  • Your basic information (including address, date of birth, etc.)
  • Details of your current and previous training , including start and end dates

Depending on your background and program of study, you may also be required to provide:

  • Transcripts and course information from previous studies
  • Proof of  English language proficiency
  • A personal statement about your goals for the program
  • A portfolio of your previous work
  • An audition or interview
  • Reference coordinates

These application requirements vary by program, so be sure to  check the admission requirements PDF for your program .

STEP 2 – Start your online application

Once you’ve checked the requirements and gathered what you need, it’s time to start your online application.

The application is divided into different sections and asks for your personal information, post-secondary education, and may ask more detailed questions related to your application program.

If you have already collected the required documents, the online application will take approximately 30 minutes. For your security , you will be logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Be sure to save your progress before exiting your application. You can save and return to your application at any time using your chosen login ID and password.

History of education

A complete list of your Grade 12 (or highest grade), college and university (including the University of Manitoba) education is required as part of your application. The list of establishments attended as part of an exchange or a letter of authorization is also required.

STEP 3 – Pay your application fees | University of Manitoba Scholarships for Foreigners in Canada

You must pay the application fee for each application you submit for consideration in an undergraduate program.

The application fees are:

  • $100 for Canadian citizens, permanent residents and refugees
  • $120 for international students

The application fee is not refundable. You are responsible for ensuring that all required documents and fees are submitted on time to meet application deadlines.

Your university application will only be evaluated after receipt of your payment.

How to Pay for University of Manitoba Scholarships for Foreigners in Canada 2023

You can pay your application fee either online using Visa or MasterCard (this includes Visa/MasterCard debit cards or gift cards), or by paying through Convera (formerly GlobalPay) or PayMyTuition. Credit card is the preferred method for submitting application fee payment as payment is processed immediately. You can also pay using Convera or PayMyTuition, but the processing time is longer (around five to ten business days).

STEP 4 – Submit your documents for the University of Manitoba Scholarships for Foreigners in Canada

Your application is almost complete! But you may need to submit some documents first.

Some documents can be uploaded directly to your online application, while others require the submission of an official document. Specific submission instructions are provided in the  online application .

Submit documents by the deadline and in the specified format

  • Please ensure you submit all documents by the deadline and in the specified format. Transcripts and other application materials may be due on or after the same date as your online application. For more details, view your program’s application requirements PDF by selecting your faculty, college, or school on the Undergraduate Admission Requirements page  .

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